Meet Lita. The Luitenant's AI.
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    (56)10:19:35 Name: EPIC TACO ART 2017-02-01

    (54)16:32:44 Name: Beautiful Leaf Art 2017-02-01

    (48)19:49:50 Name: Make Up 2017-02-01

    (44)08:58:29 Name: Not a before and after 2017-02-02

    (58)08:59:00 Name: Not a before and after 2017-02-02

    (55)11:58:56 Name: Article 50 Lisbon Treaty 2017-02-02

    (43)20:58:28 Name: Get FUCKED UP and MAKE ART 2017-02-02

    (47)23:57:56 Name: Patrick Stewarts Nervous Online Breakdown Live Shottings 2017-02-02

    (38)09:49:04 Name: A Shoutout to my Ex 2017-02-03

    (43)09:52:23 Name: A Shilouette 2017-02-03

    (40)15:18:30 Name: Jim Morrison And The Doors - Run (Cover by APON) 2017-02-03

    (52)16:13:55 Name: TO MY WRITER WHO WRITES IN THE BLACK AND WHITE BOXES 2017-02-03

    (44)10:03:42 Name: Hippy-Pants-Plus-Sunglasses 2017-02-04

    (57)10:04:15 Name: Hippy-Pants-Plus-Sunglasses 2017-02-04

    (52)14:59:54 Name: Where Were At with the Compiler in Feb 2017-02-04

    (113)15:35:45 Name: Magic Mushrooms 2017-02-05

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    (0)15:37:48 Name: Magic Mushrooms 2017-02-05

    (51)12:19:48 Name: Angel-Eyes-(FILM) 2017-02-06

    (44)15:10:05 Name: Founder (Silvine) 2017-02-06

    (59)11:43:42 Name: Nice Boobs - Great Shape 2017-02-07

    (49)09:03:24 Name: ScreenShotting Google for Wet And Sexy Blondes 2017-02-08

    (48)16:33:38 Name: Anon On Donald Wet and Wild TRUMP 2017-02-08

    (37)17:57:36 Name: IV Magazine Issue 4 2017-02-08

    (53)17:57:53 Name: IV Magazine Issue 4 2017-02-08

    (55)09:17:55 Name: New Eric Snowden PodCast 2017-02-09

    (42)09:19:05 Name: MUSIC VIDEO OF THE BAND 2017-02-09

    (60)09:33:25 Name: ASPHIXIA DEMO GRAPHICS SFX 2017-02-10

    (107)10:05:27 Name: How to get root on Windows via a Heap Exploit 2017-02-11

    (53)11:14:45 Name: Miku-Shotting-cc 2017-02-11

    (41)10:47:52 Name: Mental-Tramps 2017-02-12

    (50)10:52:59 Name: Mental-Tramps 2017-02-12

    (37)13:44:19 Name: PATTERN-MATCHING-ENTITIES 2017-02-12

    (48)13:45:07 Name: PATTERN-MATCHING-ENTITIES 2017-02-12

    (50)08:54:11 Name: Windows Phone App (BellyKnots) 2017-02-13

    (39)15:05:48 Name: Uniqueness and Existence 2017-02-13

    (47)10:45:10 Name: AI Engine GASP 2017-02-14

    (42)18:21:49 Name: BLATENT CLICKBAIT BEACHES 2017-02-14

    (51)20:36:17 Name: nuke launch in cc 2017-02-14

    (37)10:05:53 Name: Stats 2017-02-15

    (32)17:16:33 Name: uniseq-in-2017-screenshot 2017-02-15

    (39)17:23:53 Name: uniseq-in-2017-screenshot 2017-02-15

    (42)17:24:40 Name: uniseq-in-2017-screenshot 2017-02-15

    (33)17:28:42 Name: Passed CSS 3.0 Validation 2017-02-15

    (34)17:32:47 Name: Temptation Strikes Again 2017-02-15

    (33)17:33:20 Name: Temptation Strikes Again 2017-02-15

    (33)17:34:08 Name: Temptation Strikes Again 2017-02-15

    (48)10:02:33 Name: How to do dates searches in MySQL and PHP 2017-02-16

    (43)10:34:25 Name: NETWORKING SOURCE 2017-02-16

    (30)10:34:49 Name: NETWORKING SOURCE 2017-02-16

    (51)16:43:14 Name: Military Backpack Review 2017 2017-02-16

    (33)19:17:46 Name: mr tickle 2017-02-17

    (54)20:28:38 Name: 2017-02-17

    (36)11:35:40 Name: Hot kiss 2017-02-18

    (51)13:30:27 Name: Unboxing a New California Bag 2017-02-18

    (28)10:19:05 Name: I ain't fucking with you no more 2017-02-21

    (31)10:19:17 Name: I aint fucking with you no more 2017-02-21

    (28230)11:37:45 Name: THE BIG SHOT - AFFILIATE MARKETING WITH SHOTTING 2017-02-21

    (32)10:42:53 Name: Hosting Package Available at Shotting 2017-02-22

    (29)10:45:28 Name: Rise OF THE HACkErS 2017-02-23

    (28)10:45:48 Name: Rise OF THE HACkErS 2017-02-23

    (33)11:10:39 Name: - Chocolat Cake 2017-02-23

    (37)00:51:02 Name: BEAT - GRAPHICS DEMO 2017-02-24

    (28)08:40:30 Name: Black Lives Matter - Grow the fuck up 2017-02-24

    (30)08:50:46 Name: KA Drink 2017-02-24

    (40)07:51:05 Name: Light and Dark Shots 2017-02-25

    (42)09:37:53 Name: CSS-Styles-(Transparency) 2017-02-25

    (27)09:54:01 Name: The Body 2017-02-25

    (35)10:00:12 Name: Conspiracy Theorists 2017-02-25

    (37)15:53:35 Name: GAY JEWS NEED A VOICE ON MEDIA TOO 2017-02-25

    (27)22:04:30 Name: We're living in a post Hacktism Era 2017-02-25

    (28)22:04:47 Name: Were living in a post Hacktism Era 2017-02-25

    (37)22:05:12 Name: Were living in a post Hacktism Era 2017-02-25

    (22)22:06:13 Name: Were living in a post Hacktism Era 2017-02-25

    (35)08:55:13 Name: GAY JEW VIDEO 2017-02-26

    (32)09:23:01 Name: SMOKEY ROOMZ 2017-02-27

    (34)10:00:15 Name: I like orange jam with stringy bits in them 2017-02-27

    (21)10:34:41 Name: dew drop First sign of Spring for UK.jpg 2017-02-27

    (21)12:15:02 Name: THE LEAKS ARE REAL - THE NEWS IS FAKE 2017-02-27

    (35)14:44:03 Name: new machine lita os shot v 2.1 2017-02-27

    (25)14:56:32 Name: The transparancy was lost on me 2017-02-27

    (24)14:56:47 Name: The transparency was lost on me 2017-02-27

    (33)20:01:33 Name: new machine lita os shot v 2.0 2017-02-27

    (29)21:31:33 Name: advertisement 'get shot' 2017-02-27

    (37)21:31:53 Name: advertisement |get shot| 2017-02-27

    (34)10:24:08 Name: ad 2017-02-28

    (34)10:40:29 Name: Donald Trump has Transparency Issues 2017-02-28

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over (2) overall(2) overflow(3) overhaul(2) overnight(3) own (6) p(3) pack(3) paid(3) pain(2) pain, (2) painful(2) pair(2) PAL(2) panel(2) paper(3) paradigm(2) Parallel(2) ParaNoid(6) parser(6) part(6) Participant:(2) partner(4) parts(2) passed(7) past(2) path(2) Pattern(2) PAY(7) payload (2) peace(3) people (4) per(3) performance(2) Perhaps(6) PERIMETER(2) period(5) periods(2) petty(2) phat(2) photos(2) php(5) phpBB,(2) physics(3) picture(2) piece(6) pieces(2) PITA(2) place(5) platform(2) play(5) pleased(2) pleasure(2) Pledge(2) plenty(2) PMSuite(2) podcast(3) poetry(2) point(8) pointer(4) pointers(4) police(2) Police,(2) Polish(2) pooped(2) poor(2) Pop(5) popular(3) popularity(4) population(2) positions(2) possess(2) possible(7) post (2) Posting (2) posting(6) posts(3) poverty(2) Pre-sales(2) predicted(2) presence(2) present(4) presents(2) PRETTY(2) principles(2) PRISM(3) PRISM,(2) Prison(3) privacy (2) Private(3) problem(2) process(5) Processing(3) produce(3) Produced(2) professional(3) professionals(2) program(8) Program, (2) programs(3) project(7) prolly (2) prospective(4) Protection(3) PROUD(2) psychiatric(2) psychiatrist(3) Psychiatrists(2) psychodrama(3) psychology(2) Psychosis(3) psychotic(2) Public(2) pudding(2) Pure(4) purpose(3) pussy(3) put(7) PYRAMID(2) quality(2) QUESTION(3) race(5) races(2) racing (2) Racing(2) rack(2) Radio(3) rallies(2) rancid(2) random(10) range(2) Ranging(3) rants(2) rate(2) rather(4) raves(2) RAW(2) reached(2) read(8) reading(2) real(7) realise(3) reality(3) rebuild(3) receiving(2) recently(8) reckon(2) recommend(2) record(5) recovered(2) recvBytes(2) Red(2) reds(2) regarding(3) regular(3) related(2) relationship(2) release(3) Religion,(2) REM(2) remain(4) remember(3) Remote(2) reporting(2) Republic(2) Request(2) require(2) required(7) requires(2) rest(4) result(8) results(9) Return(2) revelation(2) Review(2) rider(2) RIGHT (2) right(8) rights(6) rip(2) RISE(2) risk(2) rizla(3) rock(2) ROM(2) room(3) room, (2) root(4) routine(2) Royal(2) RT (2) RT(3) rules(2) run(8) running(3) Russia,(2) S(2) Sadly,(7) Safe(3) said(4) salute(3) same(8) savior(2) saw(2) say(10) say,(3) saying(4) scenario(2) scene(3) schizophrenia(4) schizophrenic(6) SCHOOL(6) screen(3) SCRIPT(6) scripts(4) scroll(2) search(3) second(5) section(4) security(10) See,(4) seeing(2) seeking(2) seem(3) seen(4) segment(8) sequences(2) series(4) serve(2) Server(2) services(3) setting(2) Seven(3) several(4) sex(4) share(4) shares(2) she(9) sheet(2) sheets(2) shelter(5) shelters(2) shine(2) shit(9) shitty(2) shoot(2) SHOP(3) short(2) shot(2) should(8) Show(4) shows(2) shrink(2) sides(2) sign(2) silver(3) Silvine(9) Silvine,(2) similar(2) simple(4) simply (2) Simply(4) since(6) single(4) sit(3) site (2) site!(2) site,(4) situation(2) Size:(2) SKELETON(2) skills(4) skin(2) skitzo, (2) sky(2) slave(4) Slavery(4) slaves(2) Sleeping(3) small (2) small(4) smaller(2) smoke(5) smokin(2) smoking (2) smoking(4) so (2) social(9) socket(7) soft(2) software (3) someone(2) something(9) Sometimes(2) soon(2) sounds(2) soup,(2) space(3) space, (2) spam(5) spammers(2) speak(9) special(2) spectrum(2) spending(2) spent(2) Sphynx(2) spice(2) spoon(2) Spring(3) stack(3) stage(2) STANCE(2) stands(3) start (2) started(3) starting(3) state(4) states(2) Stats(6) stay(3) step(3) stick(3) stop(5) STORAGE(2) store(2) story(3) straight(2) strcpy(3) street(4) streets(6) string(10) strncpy(2) stroking(2) strong(2) structure(2) structures(2) struggle(4) struggling(2) strumming(2) stuck(2) Studio(3) study(2) stuff(5) stupid(3) style(5) stylesheet(2) sub (6) sub(3) sub-domain(2) subject(2) subjects(2) subtle(2) success(7) successful(3) sucks(2) suffering(3) Sunday(3) supply(3) survive(2) survive, (2) symbolic(2) symbolism(4) symbols(4) Syndrome, (2) SYSTEM (3) system,(2) systems(8) table(5) tables(7) tag(2) taken(10) takes(8) taking(5) talk(3) talking(6) taste(2) Tea(5) tea,(2) team(2) Tech(3) technology (2) telepathy(2) tell(7) Tells(3) tempStr(2) ten(5) tenner(2) term(2) test(3) Testing(3) text (2) text(8) thank (2) that (5) that,(3) Thats(2) their (2) them,(5) theme(2) themselves(2) then (7) Then,(4) therapy(2) there (3) Therefore,(6) These (3) theze(2) thin(4) things(4) think (3) thinking(6) though(4) thought(4) thoughts(3) three(5) throat(2) through(4) throughout(2) throw(2) tick(2) tick!(2) TIDDLY(2) Tighter(2) TILL(3) time (5) time!(2) time,(5) Times(4) tin(2) title(2) tobacco(3) today(3) today!(2) together(6) TOKEN(2) tongue(4) tonight,(2) too (3) took (2) took(6) top(6) torture(2) toss(2) touch(3) tough, (2) tourists(2) Tours, (2) track(4) tracks(2) traffic(2) TRAMPS(2) trams(2) transfer(2) Treatment(2) Tree(7) tripe(2) Trojan(3) true(10) Trump(2) trust(2) truth(3) truth? (2) Try (3) try(5) trying(3) tuned(2) Turdy (2) turn(5) turned(2) turns(2) tutorials(2) TV(8) twice(2) twitter(2) types(2) UK(7) Ukraine,(2) under(9) UNDERGROUND(3) understand(3) unique(7) Uniseq(2) universe,(2) until (2) until(9) up (2) up,(2) us(9) USA,(2) user(4) users(4) uses(3) using (2) usually (2) usually(7) v2(2) vagina(2) valid(2) variety(3) various(2) VB(5) vegan(2) very(7) Vesela(2) Veteran(2) VETS(2) via(9) video(9) VIDEO,(2) videos(3) views(2) Violence(2) visible(4) vision(2) visions(3) visitors(3) visits(2) visual(3) voice(2) voices(10) waiting(2) walk(5) want(5) wanted (2) wanted(3) wanting(2) war(2) warez(2) wat(2) watch(4) watched(2) watchin(2) water(4) waterproof(2) Watson(2) ways(3) we (4) WE?(2) wealth(3) web(7) webmaster(4) webpage(2) website (2) website(4) websites(2) WEEK(6) weekly(4) WEEPING(4) weight(3) weighted(2) well(10) well,(9) went(2) were (2) wet(2) when (3) Whereas,(2) whereby(2) WHILE (2) while(5) whilst(3) white(7) who (7) whole(2) whom(5) whore, (2) Whose(2) why(10) Why?(3) wicked(3) wickedness(2) wid(3) wife(2) Wikka,(2) will (7) Windows(5) winner (2) winner(3) wins(2) WINX(2) wish(6) wishing(2) with (7) within(2) without(9) woke(3) woman(2) WOMAN,(2) women(4) wondering(2) word(7) words(5) words, (3) work!(3) work,(3) works(2) world(10) worlds(6) worse(2) worth(5) worthless(2) worthy(2) Wound(2) write(5) writing(9) wrote(2) X(5) Xmas(4) xo(3) xyz(2) ya(4) Yeah,(2) year(9) year,(2) Yes!(4) yes!,(2) Yes,(2) yet(5) Yet,(4) you (5) you!(2) you,(6) your (6) yourself(2) YouTube(7) zander(2) zero(2) zip (3) zip(3) | (3) |(6) ~ (3)

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