Rainbow Series

PLEASE NOTE: This page has been placed in archived status. The Rainbow Series are outdated and should be used for HISTORICAL purposes ONLY. Also please note, the Rainbow Series are out of print within the U.S. Government (meaning it is not printing any more copies of the Rainbow Series). If you want a printed version, you may be able to locate onr (or the series) by performing a search on the Internet by using key words "Rainbow Series".

Feel free to view / download the various books from the Rainbow Series from this page from the CSRC website. There is NO charge to download these historical books. We only have the Rainbow Series in Text (.txt) file format. Note - we do not have all the books in the series

std001.txt [277 KB]
("ORANGE BOOK") 1993-09-30 "Department Of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria,. 12/85 (DoD 5200.28-std)
std002.txt [60 KB]
("GREEN BOOK") 1993-11-10 "Password Management Guideline", 4/12/85 (CSC-STD-002-85)
std003.txt [20 KB]
("YELLOW BOOK") 1993-10-04 "Computer Security Requirements: Guidance for Applying the DoD Trusted Computer Evaluation Criteria in Specific Environments", 6/25/85 (CSC-std-003-85)
std004.txt [76 KB]
("YELLOW BOOK") (1993-10-04 "Technical Rationale Behind CSC-STD-003-85: Computer Security Requirements", 6/25/85 (CSC-std-004-85)
tg001.txt [55 KB]
("TAN BOOK") 1993-11-09 'A Guide to Understanding Audit in Trusted Systems" Version 2, 6/01/88 (NCSC-tg-001)
tg002.txt [51 KB]
("LIGHT BLUE BOOK") 1993-11-10 "Trusted Product Security Evaluation Program", 3/1/88 (NCSC-tg-002)
tg003.txt [85 KB]
("NEON ORANGE BOOK") 1993-11-09 "A Guide to Understanding Discretionary Access Control in Trusted Systems" Version 1, 9/30/87 (NCSC-tg-003)
tg004.txt [64 KB]
("AQUA BOOK") 1993-10-04 "Glossary of Computer Security Terms" Version 1, 10/21/88
tg005.txt [801 KB]
("RED BOOK") 1993-11-09 "Trusted Network Interpretation" Version 1, 7/31/87 (NCSC-tg-005)
tg006.txt [135 KB]
("ORANGE BOOK") 1993-11-09 "A Guide to Understanding Configuration Management in Trusted Systems" Version 1, 3/28/88 (NCSC-tg-006)
tg008.txt [55 KB]
("LAVENDER BOOK") 1993-11-09 "A Guide to Understanding Trusted Distribution in Trusted Systems" Version 1, 12/15/88 (NCSC-tg-008)
tg014.txt [57 KB]
("PURPLE BOOK") 1993-11-10 "Guidelines for Formal Verification Systems", 4/1/89 (NCSC-tg-014)
tg015.txt [96 KB]
("BROWN BOOK") 1993-11-10 "Guide to Understanding Trusted Facility Management", 6/89 (NCSC-tg-015)
tg019.txt [59 KB]
("BLUE BOOK") 1993-11-09 "Trusted Product Evaluation Questionnaire" Version 1, 10/16/89 (NCSC-tg-019)