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STANLEYTOWN, NEW AMSTERDAM – Relatives of 19-year-old Bradford Simon called ‘Black Boy’ of Lot 46 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam are still hopeful he is alive.Bradford Simon called ‘Black Boy’The man vanished on Saturday May 2nd and so far there has been no word on his whereabouts.Hope of seeing him alive again is what keeps his family going.Catherine Johnson, the aunt with whom he lived, said that the family did everything possible to locate him but with no success to date.“We are thinking that if he is alive and has gone away on his own…then we are asking him to come home. On the hand he is not the kind to disappear without informing us. We believe that we will find him whether he is dead or alive. But we think he is being held somewhere against his will. At no time do we ever think that he is dead.”In the initial stages of the investigations, police in Berbice had detained three persons and they were subsequently released on station bail.The only evidence against the detainees was that they were the last to see Bradford Simon on May 2nd.Police reports indicated that Bradford Simon was under the influence of alcohol on the day in question and the proprietor of a Stanleytown business concern had asked two persons at the bar to put him out.According to police, investigations had revealed he was placed in a car belonging to one of the men and they claimed that they took him to Lot 39 Stanleytown where he exited the vehicle. Both persons and the proprietor were arrested earlier this month.Over the weekend, a police source close to the probe said that the matter is still under investigation.Catherine Johnson is also appealing to members of the Guyana Police Force to do whatever they can to locate the young man. She said that the family members met with the Commander of Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force, Assistant Commission George Alexander Vyphuis on May 18th.They and are somewhat satisfied with the progress made after the meeting but feel that a little more can be done to speed up the process.The family members are presently arranging yet another search party.Simon was last seen on Saturday May 2nd wearing a white vest and a pair of blue jeans.The last family member to see him was his cousin Leslyn Joseph. She claimed that he was at Lot 46 Stanleytown heading in the direction of his home about 18:00 hours on that day.Earlier in the day, he had informed his aunt that he and some friends were going to Georgetown the next day (Sunday May 3rd) to vend plantain chips at a car racing event.Ms. Johnson said that he did not make the trip.“The friends tell we that after he ain’t show up they go away and left he.”The woman said that a known female told them she saw him on Saturday May 2nd at a local business place in the community.“The woman tell we that the owner of the supermarket tell he to go in the car after he cuss up a woman at the supermarket. They tell he, he can’t go in the disco without a jersey and he start cussing she and she call the owner of the supermarket…he and a next friend put he in the car.”The family members claimed that they are not aware if Bradford Simon had any problems or whether he was involved in any under-hand business.“He was very playful, love to make jokes, willing, Air Max 98 Gundam Price, like to drink and cuss. He was not a peach but he does not steal or anything bad. He drink and fall down…bruk up the wares them…that is he…But no criminal activities.”Anyone with information about 19-year old Bradford Simon called ‘Black Boy’ can contact the family on telephone numbers 333-3720, 333-6079 or the nearest police station.

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