Hebrew Gematria + Magick Squares


The gematria for hebrew file can be found Here.

The gematria section uses values ranging from 1 to 22 and creates a list of four digit numbers to look up in Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon.

The values are represented as for example. This can be taken as 1000 or 1 depending on which system you are using.

Magick Squares

During my world in uniseq DNA Sequences I found several magickal squares. I present these to you now, as Angel's names also reply on magickal squares. These are unique in the sense that they can be combined with Gematria Combinations program, if the unique sequence is four digits long, as well as, used on their own accord for Hebrew Anagrams and Kabllah Magick. I recommend looking at the Four and Six squares to start with, and work your way up to Eight and Ten Square.

The magickal squares can be found Here.