In slavery, one is not oppressed, but set free. The Oppressed are the wretched that walk the earth. The illiterate, unemployed, poverty stricken, starving masses of the third world. Slavery for the oppressed is a blessing. If only, they fight to become a slave to the system through education.

However, a new world slave exists. All with their own flavour of oppression and freedom in slavery and oppression. They are the Object that Freire once spoke of in Pedagogy of the Oppressed. This new slave to the system is the Insane. Without psychiatrists, a very modern pastime of categorising folk into subtle differences from the shrink, so that they are forced to take their reactive medicines that cause mental illness, especially if you were sane to start with before taking the medicine.

They are the subject. The subject being ~ all knowing and acting (the actor of the Oppressor). Whereas, the mentally ill, are objects ~ the known, and acted upon! These objects are the oppressed. The same is true for any imbalance of power. Once a neighbour gets to know your paycheck amount, and you don't know theirs - a power struggle exists. Hence, the known and knowing. Whereas, the first idea of the object is to objectify the subject, hence becoming oppressors of the oppressor. This usually results in antagony. Instead, one must develop a mutual process of humanity between both camps in order to resolve this mind game conflict. As most Middle Class games have conflict at the base.

They, the subjects, are at root, all talk. Their power lies in what they know about you and their ability to talk about you at great length. Often stirring the pot to suit your own intellectual aims of discouragement and discrepancies + Disparaging remarks are made often in order to feel the power they possess in their penmanship. This power is the suppressor of truth. The ability to taint the truth in order to gain traction in the subjects inner circle of peers usually at the expense of the object who is worthless without the subjects presence.

This means, the insane have no power. They depend on the Doctor for survival. Yet, because they are unfit for work - they are free to spend their day how ever they wish. As soon as they 'go on the sick' - they are retired!
Can you believe their extra income to survive with a high standard of living is how most countries are leading its citizens allowing the immigrants to do all the work! Therefore, take your medicine - and live free! Even if you are the object of oppression. Unable to find true freedom from the system. Which is just another form of slavery. The only true freedom is in advertising incomes on a website working on content as a means of income. Writing, is true freedom, and earning an income from writing that means we no longer need to be slaves to the wage...slaves to the mental health system...that's a promising wish.