mind control segregation, religion, politics, race, wealth, class, sports drugs, subdue the population, hreoin to alcohol mass media mind control from education in school to the devil is in the dictionary - we have no means of free thinking... we have an illusion of freedom of speach, choice, and beliefs none of the above is true. we are preconditioned, predetermined, on a pathos of slavery failure and poor health poor wealth only the elite, the wealthy 0.1%, has any inkling of truth. that is - with money comes responsibility, position, wealth and power. and those who have the most money make the most money... very few of the elite have fallen down the slippery slope of drug addiction, or have mental conditioning for failure, or have lost their fortune from a game of cat and mousey fear. those at the top were educated with a elitism manner of thoughts. the successful get trillion dollar contracts, for what only they know how to achieve such respect, and command such fortunes... anonymous only has enlightenment to bring to you - we cannot undo your mental programming that holds you down. yet this message is a start to breaking the chains of your mind taht result in every attempt at sucess to turns into failure... We're well aware of the problems of society - such as wars, famine, sickness, poverty, homelessness, racism, violence, prejudice... You require a complete overhaul of the mind - a complete reprogramming, a new mindset, the blueprint to wealth...love...attraction...power...glory success...it will be a painful experience - breaking down the barriers of your mindset, only to rebuild yourself a completely new you! language is the starting block. Did you know the devils in the dictionary? This means, everything you say is evil, every thought is wicked...and no good can come of your thoughts, what you say to others, your dreams, everything in this tongue we are speaking in is evil. What can I do to stop the devil in me? You need to learn abstraction. You need to develop symbolism. Cast off the shackles of the English language. It's not needed and is limited in expression, and is pure wickedness. this language is what breaks your mind into depression. schizophrenia. bi-polar disorder. panic. fear. nightmares. all stem from enlgish. this is the tongue of mind control. to begin to free your mind, you need expressionate art. symbolism of poetry to begin with. then symbolism of mathematics, physics, and computer science. as a hacker, my mind was the first thing to go. I hacked my ego, then my mental state. People think I'm crazy for not thinking like a slave. People want to hear what I have to say, mainly because I free'd my mind using LSD, and Marijuana, years ago. This radio show pains me to speak about conditioning, as the memories flood back of destorying english into nonsense. for the devil does confuse, and what really are the meanings of words - they are just characters in a string. and a peice of string can be any shape - any design - and letter - any form - and this line drawings represent freedom. this is what I'm talkng about - formalism, conventions. rules and regulations. adhereing to the laws of the land. this is what makes us bow our heads in disgrace for we have become failures, predicted failures from birth since the whole damn system is broke. only you can rebuild your mind set, one day at a time - by repeating a single word - over and over in your head until you lose touch with the meaning. until the word sounds like thin air. and the devil loses grip on your conscience. find a new means of communications internally. when writing use your own set of symbols. avoid english like the plague. its trite. cliched. abhorrant to the senses. english is pure wickedness. avoid mass media that uses the english tongue. else its a freedom video. like this one. one that is attempting to reprogram your mind. open the doors of perception. clensed. washed away purity - free your mind of the conditioning from the TV - the books you read are worthless. only the books you write are anything special at all, keep a symbolic journal on your path of revolution and revelation... see how far you can escape your own negative way of thinking by using art as the mechanism of expression...start to symbolically draw your thoughts on paper - then publish them, just for your own keeping. just to remind you that one day, you were free - even make podcasts, videos, literature of symbolic artistry - for art to art. be artful. dont ever forget your freedoms reign right here, right now/ for the mind control will start to kick back in - you lose hope in reaching true freedom - you start the english negative reinforcement of saying its stupid to speak in symbols - you NEED to speak english for a general days to days existence. but that's the biggest lie of them all. No one needs to speak the devils tongue. thats the deception of the devil, and he's pawned planet earth's population. humanity at large. So, on a final note - remember your freedom of mind is in your own hands - and you will break down from when the first mental chain is broken, right down to the last shackle being removed. Change your whole way of thinking, right down to every last letter you write. every thought you might have, to every note you take for success. this is your new goal - a new you - completely reconditioned your own way from het ground up. start today, start now - and dont give up, its going to be a long journey for you, use mind expanding drugs if you need a fast start on this project. else try earnestly each day for that new you. symbolism. art. freedom of expression. avoid the old ways, the old english/american tongue, and develop your own language, a magical language of your very own to share with those you love, perhaps a spirit, a goddess, or a dead friend...but avoid english speakers - they are emotional vampires bleeding your soul to death, extracting every last original thought you might have - only for you to get rejected at the most crititcal moments in your journey because others will start to reject the new you - wanting you to conform to the devil's wicked ways - the ways that result in failure, conflicts, pain, remembering the suffering you experienced is only a means of enlightenment away...avoid those negative ninnies who insist on conditioning your brain with the diction of evil. if only one being, hume, supports you in all this by helping you visualise new symbols of expression, interacts with you using the new symbols and art appreciations, stick with them, for only isolation will result if you have no support from your friends around you. and isolating yourself from mass messaging of evil is how I myself live - and my site recently hit 4.5million hits in one month. this is the effect of mental breakdowns over time. until you are finally free of this wicked tongue, you might just be able to express love, true pure love, one time - just once in a lifetime chances - of change - be inspired.