Give me your worth in a book...

By zander buck c 2016

A book is an investment. They are identical market wise to vintage cars. Sure, the price of a book depreciates in time until it becomes a rarity!

Rare antiquities' are expensive and some are time capsules of ingenuity. For a exciting Xmas read can one recommend to you Modern Compiler design' by Grune et al.?

I am currently on page ten and it has took one week to read this far. Why? Because mcd by Grune et al. is worth savoured by the intellect. A diamond far from being in the rough. A classic writ for university students but the ideas presented in the book step a fine line between genius and madness. Madness I define as suggesting working on impossible tasks. Like defining in code a dynamic grammar that generates a lexical analyser which in turn develops out of thin air a semantic parser. This sounds riveting work and if only it were possible! Yet, this books ideas seem to be developing in the c language as well as a touch on stack pointers. The chapters which follow explain in depth these grand ideas and only time will tell if a lexical analyser can be generated from a descript grammar...

So, what's the worth of this exciting read? It's simply priceless!

As it stands, this book contains ideas that are stimulating, full on education and the knowledge gained is invaluably eccentric.

My book collection isn't as eclectic as one wished for in my youth. Sure my communicators teacher suggested an influential taste in music is to have not distinct niches of different flavours of genres but a broad spectrum of artists was the way forward. I tried, zsue, I really did try to flatter you from afar with imitations' mask but I fell into the small market of programming books as my dirty little multimedia mogul secret!

Sure, I got educated to hit all the high notes on the electric keyboard and play every tune but I just failed at my career as a communications consultant long ago. I've had twenty years experience fine tuning my message to my select elite audience. But due to the fact that if for when I decide to next take a break from work else risk my sanity then one will definitely equal zero! Not sure we have you so we are coming back to post code for you. One day. And if my consultancy career in communications actually aspires to create market research thru google optimise or our own game of cat and mouse where this website has undergone several different nose jobs and face renovation all down to aspiring for a clearer message and larger audients share we will definitely learn that to be built by zero-impact of Anonymous means keeping the white on black Santa theme with festive red links only for the month of December before the site code loads 3000ad.css stylesheet in January. We have more stylesheets to develop all you need is one new stylesheet per month! January being my birthday month will have a celebration drink with it!

So, perhaps eating bananas might be better than reading niche market material that only the one percent understand!

Zander is founder of shotting.cc and works as a full time webmaster via media partnerships with Microsoft, fedora Linux, and Google inc.