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Name: Pqrstuvwxy
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Date: 21 May 18 11:33pm
The Environmental Community Health Organization (ECHO) yesterday launched its School recycling programme at St. Margaret’s Primary School, Camp Street, Georgetown.It is anticipated that students of 40 Georgetown schools through this initiative will be contributing to a green environment.Through private sector support, the programme focuses on the collection of plastic bottles and white paper and cardboard for recycling purposes. Some of the private entities involved in this initiative include AH&L Kissoon, Demtoco, Netram and Sons Recycling Company, Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, and Caribbean Container Inc.According to Royston King, Executive Director, the materialization of this project is heavily dependent on private sector support, as these companies have the resources to purchase the requisite resources. In addition, they have the capacity to complete the recycling process.King emphasized that the receptacles provided by AH&L Kissoon will be placed in schools. Students are expected to place their plastic bottles into the receptacles for collection by Netram and Sons Recycling Company.The regularity of the collection is yet to be determined, but is dependent on how fast the receptacles are filled.According to Victor Netram of Netram and Sons Recycling Company, the bottles when collected will be taken to the factory for processing into Pet flakes. The Pet Flakes will then be exported. He noted that this will reduce the numbers of plastic bottles that clog canals and other waterways in the City.Caribbean Container Inc (CCI) will be recycling white paper and cardboard waste. The company has provided its own cardboard receptacles for students and teachers to dispose their paper waste.According to Winston Patokie, Manager, Paper Mill, CCI, the company recycles paper and cardboard to manufacture carton boxes that are utilized by many industries. In a year the company recycles about 4, 000 tons of cardboard.The company sees this programme as a means of obtaining material to recycle. Patokie asserted that recycling saves 60 percent energy and landfill space. Moreover, water pollution is reduced by 35 percent and air pollution is reduced by 74 percent.Adrianus Ton Veugman, Senior Advisor on Sustainable Development and Environment Health of the Pan American Health Organization told the students that the environment is within their immediate space and that they are connected to their surroundings.He emphasized that in Georgetown a lot of the Pet are not managed properly and they end up in waterways.It was noted that recycling these bottles will help to safe energy and keep the environment clean.
Name: Astrologie
Website: www
Date: 21 May 18 10:52pm
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Name: Wolf Hoodie
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Date: 21 May 18 10:24pm
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Name: South Bay
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Date: 21 May 18 10:15pm
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Date: 21 May 18 09:37pm
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