Black Lives Matter - Grow the fuck up

Some people, mainly ethnic minorities, claim black lives matter? IF they mattered so much, why are not they responsible for their own race? |They are the ones in the media touting the guns. Not the white folk who play guitar. They are the ones robbing, selling drugs, and trying to take innocent white folk down with them through negative reinforcements.

They were the first immigrants to this country. And just like new immigrants, they insist on talking patoi, or Pidgeon Latin, instead of adapting to the situation and INTEGRATE. And those that do integrate, often turn rat. Snitches are black. They are the ones following you on the bus, or driving behind you on the street trying to get you arrested for minor offences.

There fore, if black people and ALL ETHNIC MINORITIES cannot stop RAPING THE WHITE WOMAN, they need deporting.

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