Bored out my mind!

Writing a new book on UNISEQ is difficult with Waco MC in the background with Karesh around here in Shottingham.

The UNISEQ first edition said everything there was on the theory of everything. Coming up with something new to add is difficult.

But I'm spending my time at Highbury Vale writing a new book on UNISEQ (Unique Sequencer) non-the-less.

I'm keeping a journal with pen and paper. I'm also reading literature. My current bookside read is ANSI C.

I might have 12 more months to serve for rehabilitation into the community after spending until September at Highbury Vale. However long I spend inside hopefully I'll always get a cigarette to smoke. They're stating my supply will be severed for a while at WELLS ROAD CENTER FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE.

I may be going there because I've been accused of starting a fire. What this means to me is getting people into submitting their resignation - but this has been turned into a smoking accident to purposely committing arson!

This is why I'm spending 12 months inside - mainly because I do not have a solicitor due to lack of funds.

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