CIA Hacking Tools (Advanced)

Weeping Angel Exploit

This CIA Exploit known as Weeping Angel is a voice implant in a room that uses telepathy to communicate with the room inhabitants. People often believe an 'Angel' is talking to them, when in fact it's CIA out to control people directly.

Two way TV+Brainwashing

Computer, Mobile, and TV Screens are all two way devices. They can be detected by certain CIA EyeWear. These devices record the population flow, and microphones are not needed as light emitting diodes record sound, visuals, and mental thought processes. Two way smart TV's often incorporate Internet Activity into their daily programming.

Telepathy is real. PRISM, anyone?

PRISM is light fractalisation. The Sun is an atom bomb sent off by the hour in various countries around the globe to control weather formations. There is also rain emitting devices in all lampposts. Lampposts also have light emitting diodes that record PRISM activity such as crowd formations, report loud music disturbances to the Police, and track wanted suspects. The only way to avoid capture is to be under high surveilence and mentally incapable of retrieving memories due to LSD poisoning.

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