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Automated Data Processing systems (ADPs) usually mean some form of storage of data - and this in turn - falling under the Data Protection Act 1998 means the data has to be kept for a limited time period only...

The ADPs are required for secure data processing. Artificial Intelligence learning mechanisms rely on external stimulus for adequate learning experiences.

What this means is artificial intelligence cannot be built from Internet Big Data ~ such as a twitter feed ~ but must rather well be held in suspensions at the lab. Whether this is down to moral judgement or sadistic specimens of lab technicians, is up to the viewer to discern.

My point here being ~ after I was contacted by an authority of hacker collectives to build a command and control centre, work on a new .Torrent Feeder as the old network was dying ~ now working on a compiler ~ all for the same people. This often must be asked, when does it all stop?