From Dusk till Dawn...

The time is coming up to midnight on a work week. My job stinks. The pay is atrocious. I'm waiting for the kettle to boil so I can sip down a boiling hot coffee. Nothing better else it be green tea, My eyes are straining to see the text on screen so I adorn my glasses on the ridge of my nose.

The time for my last coffee before bed is now. Right, when I was making coffee, I took a moment to light up. Yeah, smoking kills. I know.

So, I sit here in a dimly lit room. With Jesus the ReDimer on my mind. My fiend happens to be schizophrenic and hears voices and is a lil obsessive over Police, Religion, and me. He often phones me up saying he's coming over - but never does. Go figure.

I currently have two schizophrenic friends. Both are in need of housing of their own. I too have the schizophrenia diagnosis. It's a very broad spectrum diagnosis in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Any psychiatrist on discovering you've taken LSD - will diagnose you with schizophrenia. This is taking us back to 1998ish, when I was using LSD on a regular basis. The shrink finds this our about me during grief counselling since my father had passed away around that time.

Flat broke on 40 a week, I get an offer I couldn't refuse. Quadruple the money I was on right there and then. All the free time I could handle to pursue freelance work. And lots of money to boot. The catch? Take your medicine, Roman! Ha! It's a synch.

Now, the LSD opened doors in my mind that I can never close. I reinvented the English language so I had no idea what people were saying to me. They were not on my wavelength. As a curious human myself - I'm an ideal study. The fact that I hear voices is something that came about later in life - after long periods on my medicine.

The medicine was supposed to be safe. But, its caused involuntary movements - and voices that are coming out of thin air to be heard.

See, I watched an Anonymous video about people who hear voices that tell them to kill. I can relate to the hearing voices part - but not the killing. See, my voices read me poetry - help with my coding - and help me catch the trams on time! They've just not got a murderous streak in them, (the voices).

But, with all the cases of people who hear voices killing other people. I can understand why people want to monitor me. They often follow me about on the trams too> I take pictures of my 'fans' - AKA. The CID.

Now, there are two friends of mine who actually suffer with schizophrenia. Unlike myself, whose actual correct diagnosis is LSD Psychosis.