Gay Jews need a voice on Media too, states shotting.cc

Sure, we've all been there. Curious about homosexuality. I've sucked a dick or two in my time as a hermaphrodite. I also licked pussy.

But, being both male and female, basically defaults me to serve both sexes. People often ask me, "Are you gay?" I simply say no, I'm straight. I only do women. And this is the case for all my life. Or at least most my life! Also being A half British Half Polish Jew hermaphrodite means I'm really, really in a minority!

I don't care. I'm happy - but intelligent. I see most people in the city as lost souls. Without purpose. Just existing. Just walking to their next dead end encounter. With their dead beat partner. Who prolly dominates the female in order to survive and keep her.

So, from a different perspective, of knowing what a male and female orgasm feels like, and no, I'm not letting on either way! But, the men and women def. do have different sex orgasms. That's all I'm saying :)

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