Data Loaders are big business. If you have data, you'll need a client side loader to present this data.

Since this is software we're building...you'll make a decision on Open Sourced Loaders or Closed Source Loaders.

Now that decision is made; think presentation. Colour schemes. Blue is a color often over-used in data presentations. So, try green on brown, instead. For an earthly theme.

Now we've covered presentation, how about styles? The style of the data being shown is often the crux of the software being mad.e.

A style is something hard to define, yet you know something has 'it' when you look at the software from any angle.

Next, comes the speed of the load. Do you want to crunch numbers for a month, week, day, hour, or minute? Different data sets require specific algorithms. Each algorithm has a time constraint. Call this O(^1). You say; O(^1) == Bloody long time...And anything less is a blessing!

Now in a different vein, Loaders can be colourful, animate, attractive, and well versed (articulate). This might include graphical characters being skilfully anime'd on the screen.

In conclusion, Loaders come in a variety of fashions, with loads of considerations to make, making no two loaders the same.

Custom Data Loaders Are Technology Tomorrow.

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