This is an area close to my heart. My father was a veteran of WWII. Polish Air Force. He was one of the lucky ones who lived a long life after the war who supported us all as an Air Craft Engineer. In retirement was how I remember him best of all. Always trying to break the system of Horse Racing. Following stats. Picking winners. Never gambling large amounts of money for he did it for the chase, the challenge of wits against book makers. Often he'd find an outsider, a 20-1 shot, that won. We'd all celebrate his success. He died of cancer at age 84. Just 2 years before the Millennium.

Father passed on what advice he could to me in the short time I knew him. Such as, learn how to rebuild an engine. Stick with computers and coding systems. Especially horse racing systems. So, I did. And it paid off. I've become successful overnight on a couple of occasions.

I remember my YouTube.com success. 50,000 views in a day ~ after having my account with some 100 videos posted to the front page of YouTube.com on befriend a geek day! I woke up thinking it was a hack. Until someone explained the score to me.

Next came success with APO Networks.com, and related software developments. I was a pioneer in software development, one of the first lots of developers to include Google Adverts inside their downloads. That created income. Not significant, it never is enough to retire on. But, just as Father before me used to chase the winner on the tracks, I'd chase the winner with software. He'd make a few pence a day from his efforts, just as I do with APO Networks.

I currently chase the pack with shotting.cc and Google AdSense. I wish every Veteran had the sense to subscribe to Google as a Media Partner. Google are genius when it comes to generating cash through big corporations for the little guy. Especially a Veteran could benefit. Especially the homeless Vets just looking for £10 a day to survive for a meal. Google has the opportunity to help the homeless worldwide with their AdSense program. If only the word got out there about it?


This is the main problem. Educating the homeless to enable them to fish for themselves online. To chase that winner on the track with dollar clicks thru's and web site marketing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and high ranking profile cases on top quality websites.

Sadly, the homeless folk haven't got access to a computer. Never learned how to code HTML. Are completely unaware of the Internet potentials for them. I wish they did. AND you know what? I'm spending my days educating them down at the shelters. Some think its a big rip off scam. Dubious of anything with potential. Dubious of anyone telling them how to invest their monies and time. They've been ripped off by evil bastards most their life. That's why they're fallen over. Hitting rock bottom at the homeless shelters. Living on the streets. It sucks. It happened to me after my Father died. I wanted it to happen though. I wasn't happy with the silver spoon cutlery, the easy life style. The clear cut life at the top. I needed the struggle. The fight for the greater good. And sure enough, I found myself at the bottom, ROCK BOTTOM. No lower in life could I go. I was exiled from my family for being a junkie. Living on the streets. I managed to get into a winter shelter. It was a fight just for that and mother helped me get into Bentick Road, Nottingham, NG7. That is where I met lots of homeless folk whom I befriended. It did not end there my struggles continued as I got kicked out the shelter for assaulting a member of staff who was always leering at me in my bedroom with his eyes, silently standing there like a pervert. So, I hit him. Thats how I got kicked out the shelter.

Lee F. , a friend, put me up for a week or so. So did Richard Bent, he took me in for a month. Other than that, I lived on the streets until I got admitted into a hospital for mental health issues. I got treatment, then moved to a shelter again. This time, not Bentick but Stephanie Lodge. The staff were great, but I stopped my meds, and became unstable and lost my place there after being locked up again in hospital. This was the cycle of my life. No meds = Hospital admissions.

This time, how ever, my hospital admissions lost my place at the shelter - and the Doctor took pity on my plight and had me A listed for a Council Property! I got a decent flat (where I am now two years on).

Well, now I take my meds. A weekly injection. Which I HATE! Ha! I wish I did not need meds, especially an weekly injection, but I know it helps keep my head in check. I even got back into coding after I came into some money (back pay they call it here in Great Britain). I invested in a 2k laptop, which I do coding on. I made a website with Evo Hosting - my provider for nearly 10 years to date. I got an advertising program with Google and reapplied to become a Media Partner just like when I had the YouTube account with Boriddlin. Look it up, man.

Now, it's taken two months to earn £51 from the start of the chase. The website was registered a few months before that, but I re-designed everything in Oct, meaning October is day zero for advertising revenue with Google...I'm really excited with each new day now with being a Media Partner. It's a title I am proud of. I feel like I have a performance related paid job with Google! I am self-employed as a webmaster you see. And, it wasn't easy. I had to learn how to code for the Internet. For the PC. I had to CODE my way to $60 check from Google! Haha!

That was a joke. The truth? PEOPLE MADE SHOTTING.CC - the visitors I got coming to shotting.cc clicked the adverts and earned me the £51. Now, I spent £165 on the site, and £200 for the visitors via marketing program with Google AdWords. So, I'm in debt already! Haha. But, it's been EXCITING! Chasing that winner. Maybe SHOTTING.CC is the horse that'll come up trumps, eh?