Pete was a former heroin addict. He'ed done the methadone program before a few times. But, nothing like this time around. What has different was Pete lost all his life and vitality. "Pete's close to death", they all thought.

Well, Pete was down to 16mg/ml when he thought enough was enough. And one day, just stopped. Stopped attending clinic in the morning. Stopped drinking methadone. The result? A few minor twitches in his legs, achy arms, and restless nights sleep. This was soon to fade though, as Pete made progress reducing down. How? Pete managed to get an Easter holiday stash of bottles, two full bottles whole of methadone. Which he used to gradually reduce down over a period of four days. This is his journey. This is the mans story. It man nearly killed Pete, the reductions, and the story isn't over yet. Today, Pete's journey is only just beginning, and with a bag of weed and smokers cough he walks on!

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