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How to protect against hackers...part one...

Do you own a blog?

Word press is an easy target for hackers! Don't install it!

Instead, hire a developer to secure your code.

If you not got cash for a developer fear not!

Follow these simple tips of security...

1. Sanitize input.
If you have an ≪input type="text"name="in"/≫

Box on site, with submit...you need to use strlen($in,256), to restrict against a buffet overflow attack.

2. Htmlspecialchars() to stop xss attacks


3. Mysql_escape_string()

Remember to access your site on a burner line. A disposable mobile will show signs of compromise, such as letters being eaten when typing a message. This is a symptom of a keylogger. Or the cursor not keeping up with your typerate. Another sign of compromise.

Listen to people on public transport to see if any confidential posts were compromised.

How to fix?

Buy a new burner!

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