How-to: Increase audience share by using 'Psychodrama'

This is a modern mass psychology design twist on audience share.

To begin, we start with a series of atomic principles. These APs can range from niche market matter to en mass global messaging. It just really fucking matters that you take an idea and refactor it into the basic sum of parts. Atomic elements of an idea.

That is the hardest step of psychodrama. The rest falls in to place en route. Take any concept, atomize the concept, then build on the concept using the atoms to form a expression. This needs clarity from an example.

Example a. Using concept 'mind control drugs' we now find atomics. If there is a mind involved there needs arisen an address of that mind. Control is a negative in the free world. Hence the negative mind ratio of thinking. Drugs have a pleasure and pain element that results in an opener:
Are you suffering from your highs? The rewards might be great but to deny your free will is a negative reality.

This is an opener any journalist might work from to write a fully turned on piece.

Using this technique of psychodrama is just the opener. There needs more to start a campaign session. So moving on to phase two we define the psychology of your audience. Continuing our example of mind control drugs we begin by dissecting the mindset of whom reads such writing prose?

There are two categories of audience, one is the controlled the other the controller. The controlled fall into two sub categories and to categorize one has mental health issues of schizophrenia two are turned on awake citizens. The controller cat. Falls into bullies fraudsters and rapists and two therapists and psychologists. We can utilize psychodrama here with maximum effect for this audience band.

Now we have a atomic topic and rooted readers we move onto the dramas expression. This is the final form of the prose for your target audience. Now, we go back to the original opener for mind controlled drugs...and analysis shows we can use this in an art form for increased audience shares by using psychodramas. And this is how what you are reading why what you are reading is being crafted as we speak on an ever so subtle note. Sure, an article addressing weirdos and nut house managers might well sink the ship but to speak with you instead about audience shares is far more appealing!

This article was created from big data analysis information 🛈 reporting from shotting.cc/ stats. We have a large enough mind control audience and psychological audience to warrant writing this piece. Plus our two most popular parts on shotting cc is how to's. Hence this awesome work!

So, method in the madness laid bare...im done here. Signing off...Silvine xo