I aint fucking with you no more

My life is tough,
No money struggling to live,
Have to act mental to survive,
Take injextions for cash,
In the NHS Drug Testing Program,
They think I'm skitzo,
Ain't that the truth?
They echo voices in my room,
To hassle me from the feds,
I might as well be dead,
Wound up all night neon lights,
Tighter than a husslin',
Busslin and bizzlin bling,
I aint fucking wid ya no more,
I aint that stupid whore,
You used to call,
I tell you this my bread bins,
Federals CID and MI6 watchin me,
Got the NHS KEYWORKER Syndrome,
They gonna get pop pop pooped out one of theze days,
Jus' watch as I drive away,
And leave them all bleeding on CCTV,
My bro is gonna supply the chains,
To torture one of these bitches again,
Jus becuz. Jus Becuz. Jus Becuz I caine,
High rider knows no pain,
Jus smokin dat burn,
Feel mah words,
It's in the cyber space,
Mental Anguish becuz the buds been laced,
Black Mamba aint all dat,
I on clockwork Orange and Moggies my phat chat,
You ain't got shit to give,
This is what Killas do to liuve,
Louvre Art Museum Tours,
I aint fucking with no 8 balls,
This is wat it takes to live,
Do dat shit and never forgive.

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