Lock in at a mental hospital for talking!

It is late February. I arrive at Frank the Wank's bungalow to explain the FBI have took my head off and got everyone banged to writes.

I say - it's only a bit of action Frank being a Geko knows action songs so sings at me 'Get Out!'

I hit the road after getting the weather forcast - thick snow...

The snow is due that night and I have £50 in my pocket. I sit at Notts train station behind a BIG ISSUE magazine seller. I collect £1's to give to the BIG ISSUE Seller from people passing by.

I scream 'shes boxed my head in!' - as a lady takes a cigarette out her carton for me to smoke...and returns a second time with another cigarette. She must have got the weather forcast.

Get this - I travel with Red Betty Boop blanket given to me with survival kit by homeless aids.

I sit under the bridge as the snow starts to fall. I hear chanting in the distance. I knew a football match is playing.

The snow gets heavy - night time - and bullets are fired into the canal water in a bullet stream. Long distance warning shots I assume.

I decide that as my moment to exit stage right and I head for the buses. I cannot shake off that female who boxed my head in with her wacky backy.

I catch the No.1 - and visit Mommas home. She hears me talking to a clock (A new talking disorder only the lonely of heart truely possess)...and she phones an ambulance.

I arrive at Queens Med early dawn. I go outside for a rolled up paper smoke of rolling tobacco.

On arrival back inside for my bloods monitor machine test - my systolic was 280. My heart rate well above 100 too.

I collapsed shortly after that reading. Due to a history of admissions into psychiatric care I have to speak to the psychiatrist.

This leads to after the discussion him and guard leaving the room. Im alone - waiting - get bored and leave. I explained I just had two stokes / heart attacks so I thought we were on the same page.

Well, I head back to the streets for a while in the snow - riding the bus and trams during the day until night. What to do? I'll freeze to death...so I decide to stay at the bungalow Frank the Wank (Geko) wants me free from.

This is when I get woken up by two police officers to a battered and broken body and carried out my flat.

I arrive at Cassidy Suite for 136 processing then tx to Redwood One.

I arrive at the all male Redwood Unit for the mentally unwell knowing I will be here for several months.

That said - I explain to Jason the Crack Dealer Armani Wearing asshole that Im a sex line worker.

He thinks I'm a prostitute and starts his mind spinning about the dollar earnt from pimping me out ( a rent boy)

He touches my cock and ass - on the regs. He tries selling me hairspray mixed with bi-carb for£15 a tiny crumb off a rock.

obviously - he is insane.

So I get piss tested on entry to the facility - after going out on the streets with Jason - and lose my leave.

Now, I've no smokes - no leave - no crack - no heroin - no freedom - my rights are dirt...to be continued...

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