Mental tramps are not the homeless like the picture suggests. They are the middle classes without work, those in the chattering classes whom have not a jot of ability or talent in their fingers to type, write, or labour. Abhorred by work, they prowl the streets accusing people of having 'pedo moustaches' and the like.

They are the pathetic middle classes, who accuse people of their own inner fantasies. They are often in positions of power, where their word matters and carries weight. How ever, paired with an intellectual, they struggle to find common ground and resort to petty name calling. Such as, 'Jesuit, He is MENTAL BOGEY EATER!'

This is the result of years of backwards inbreeding in the upper classes. Even the Royal Family decided to out breed to the common working classes with hopes of stopping the madness they possess. Surely I'm not as bad as those in power - making wild accusations!? I AM. As an intellectual, my words carry just as much weight as those in power. And, sadly, these people need a complete mental overhaul.


These people play the mind game despotism and 'Psychology'. It's a game that often manifests in the professional workplace of psychiatry where everything has a condition. If there is no dirt to be found, they create their own dirt to smear against the patient. Such as this example of a Professional Doctor..."Obviously he thinks the TV is talking to him...", "He's receiving messages from the FBI via the TV Set..."

This is what the people within the National Health Services have to PUT UP WITH. Incompetent Psychiatrists with a far too fantastic imagination by far.