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Mr. Typical and his Typical Family Feuds

Mr Tickle is Mr Typicals' best friend. They are often thought of as homosechsual lovers. Nethertheless, as placid/flaccid as Mr. Typical is, he took offence at the recent surving's up of hate speech towards him from the mum, and sis, and now, 12 year old RUde boi, Kris.

So, one dreary and high in the clouds afternoon, Mr Typical, after abstaining from seeing his best friend Mr Tickle...phoned home.

The conversation went like - stop hating on me when I'm with you. I'm not cool with that.

She hung up the phone. I haven't visited the family in two days. I worked those days instead. Throughout the night. It's my third night tonight.

The damage they've done is obvious. I'm a complete mess. I cannot focus without drifting off into hate speeches. They echo in my mind. The same shit. Tidy Up Alex. You're a pig Alex. Brush your hair. You're a little girl (I'm a grown man.)

This went on for years. I did not question it growing up. I hate my mother for it now.

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