My psychiatrist is paranoid

What action should I take regarding my paranoid Psychiatrist whom does not trust me?

She has put me on a CTO (Community Treatment Order), for 1 year, six monthly review for the CTO.

What I do not understand is that I take my medicine - and she insists that I be put on a CTO injection - when I should be on pills; now the injection is weekly - when it should be monthly - I used to have the injection once every three months before being discharged from hospital. Now, I sought hospital admission after being made homeless, but I did not have a psychiatric disorder. Now, I have my own place, I need to get 'discharged' from the services again to sign on for work - but they are refusing to let me go! Not sure why, either...I think my psychiatrist has trust issues. They even mentioned 'capacity to commit murder' - which is so slanderous I do not even know where to begin with that utter bullshit. I need legal representation, but without a proper income, I cannot afford a decent lawyer. I'm at the whims of this crazy female shrink who is using the law to force me to take weekly injections for a condition I haven't had since a teenager!

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