anonymous in the news #opsafewinter this is a real time strategy program to help stop homeless deaths on the streets of Nottingham, and any other town Anonymous are in. As a member of Anonymous, I take part in random hacks of kindness. This usually involves donating money to victems of poverty and homelessness. the street dwellers are free to walk. Its not a free country. People are not allowed to sit down for too long without the police moving you on to somewhere less visible to the shoppers. It's not a good luck for nottingham. Even urban camping is being outlawed just recently in Nottingham. To hassle the foriegn tourists who regularly camp out in the citys of Great Britain. tourists are being persecuted by the Police. Here in Great Britain we do not have freedom of speach or freedom of expression. It is not a country built on freedom and the citizens of the UK have no rights as British Citizens. If you ever mention to a official such as a nhs nurse or policeman or doctor, you will get labeled schizophrenic, and followed about to see who is supplying you with marijuana. THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAS TAKEN A HARSH STANCE AGAINST MARIJUANA AND CLASSES EVERY BRITISH TEEN WHO SMOKES THE DRUG AS SCHIZOPHRENIC BIG GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES HAVE BEEN SET UP TO MONITOR THE POPULOUS THE PEOPLE OF THE BRITISH ISLES. This is why Anonymous exists. To fight the Government for our rights as human beings to exist within the British Isles and smoke marijuana since its a victimless crime, no one ever got hurt from smoking marijuana. As a experienced marijuana grower, I would like the opportunity to grow marijuana in a safe, legal environment to produce the highest quality indoor bud as possible. I could have a legit business if it wasn't for the Government's wacky marijuana laws. I have the space at home to devote one room to a crop, that would sustain me finanacially so I wouldn't be a burden on the state taking welfare payments for being a schizophrenic marijuana smoker! It's crazy Government schemes to label every drug user as schizophrenic a condition that only someone would have from birth as a birth defect schizohprenia cannot be induced by a drug. This is a common misconception that psychiatrists try to baffle us with science, only reinforcing the social gap between the young, and old, marijuana smokers. They have also taken a strong stance against tobacco - something that might well harm the lungs but it is more propoganda forced down our Government windpipes that we are risking our health by inhaling smoke. If we have decided to administer drugs orally, that is our choice. By smoking we are exercising our rights to smoke as citizens of Britain, and we need less nanny state monitoring school boys going schizo on cannabis and more grown up tactics in play where we are able to have access to the latest US grown medicines of medical marijuana here in the UK.

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