Wednesday Radio Show 25th Jan 2017 (Wednesday) Today I got my first paycheck from Google. It was for an undisclosed sum of monies ~ give me the monies, the cars, the caseloads! You see, basically, when you click on an advert on site, I get paid a small sum of money ~ ranging from 1penny to 1 pound Depending on whose clicking and from where and on what adverts. I'm thinking of generating some cash another way # by forming a solid brand identity - shotting.cc - and selling tee-shirts that way I can make some monies! What do you think? Sign the guestbook or Leave a comment on the comments page for this radio show, if youve come straight onto this page from social media - it doesnt matter - leaving comments for you is too complicated to explain! So fuck it off and leave it out! We've extended the site to incorporate a food blog - and i've come to realise, my shots of food are really bad! Compared to my competitors! The presentation, lighting, etc. is all rally bad! But, shots of stuff, for shotting.cc - is where I'm taking this site in the near future...be it either screenshotting twitter users or social media in general - or taking shots with my camera phone im opening a new site soon titled paranoid hacker - and that's where I'm shifting all the computer related stuff from shotting.cc and making shotting a visually appealing site once again... On paranoid hacker I'm thinking of using PhpBB, to post source code, upload files for software, and eventually open a shop for software that i've made...along with selling tees with paranoid hacker on them. ive just registered paranoid hacker.com - and im well chuffed about that...