As I sit here drinking a green tea in a desperate attempt to detox my liver and kidneys I decided to write about Random Hacks of Kindness. This is something close to my heart.

Not everyone benefits from my hacks as much as I'd like them too. But, one dearest friend of mine has fallen on hard times and is finding it hard to get back on his feet. His name is...say...Gazza.

Now Gazza recently became homeless. In fact, I met him at the homeless shelter several years ago. And we became close friends. Sadly, desperate Gaz was always needing cash to get by. And, because I had a little extra cash surplus in my account income, I decided to throw him a tenner from time to time. This became a daily struggle for me. Because, who was Gaz to get all my cash? I hardly knew the fellow...

But, as the years tolled on I observed Gazza's journey from homeless man, to living back with his family ~ to back to homeless man, this year. Gazza's been in and out of prison too over the years. For petty offenses. Nothing major hence no major time served. That doesn't stop me loving Gaz to the bottom of my heart, either!

Gaz, is the main recipient of my 'RANDOM HACKS OF KINDNESS', for sure. And when I first watched the video detailing random hacks of kindness, I cried a little inside ~ realising, that was me all over! Meaning, I do random hacks of kindness all the time, and it felt like people were starting to reckon my good works with feedback, to me.

Well, I suggest you take a pet project on for a RHK, be it a homeless man or woman you've seen recently and think you know well enough, to even an elderly neighbor who needs help. Because, if everyone becomes kind to one another ~ a new era of peace will issue in with the near New Year! And everyone will be happy.