An Orange ArtworkTuesday

Fruit Smoothie Diet

Freely The Banana Girl introduced me to this diet via her youTube.com account and after feeling the vegan lifestyle daily buzz from bananas and strawberry smoothies I never ate meat again. Now, I enjoy a hot drink the same as any man, woman, or hermaphrodite. My main poison was 'coffee'. This had to go. I felt sluggish in the morning, hung over without my first caffeine fix - and it was getting to the point where I wasn't fully awake until 12pm noon.

So, I opted for the Japanese drink fo Green Tea, and oh man o man - green tea just blows the mind with its healthy kick start to the day buzz. Sure, I'm all about healthy buzzes today! And, you get high on your own supply of fruit and tea. Then, when 4pm comes around - I have a hot veggy meal. Sometimes its tomato soup, mushroom soup, or vegetable soup...other times - I'm thinking pasta bake. Sometimes I break the vegan law and have dairy - either cheese or milk - tuna - fish - when I am with friends. If the family cannot accommodate a vegan, I compromise for them. I know I should stick to my guns with my diet choices, but its something new for momma, who does all the cooking at the family home, and she is adjusting as best as she can do.