'Welcome to the underground.'

This is what greets me everytime I logon. Basically, we have reality based physics that use mathematics as a ground force. Think a horse race with Seven Horses. In each parallel universe, one of the seven horses wins the race. In all forms of reality; all seven horses each wins the race in their own reality, and also lose the race in another. The same with every coins toss. Both sides come up tops in parallel worlds. Every movement produces a new reality. Even typing this script I am defining my world/reality, by choosing letters, words, sentences.

This is basic physics. We are all on a unique path. The unique occurs in equal quantities throughout mathematical number theory. Equality is all what binds our unique paths together. This does not mean the world reflects this equality, however. As, fractionalisation and quantifications cause in minute amounts a difference. Therefore, on the surface, everything is equal. However, certain unique paths are more successful than others. Think a mass serial killers path, compared to a CEO of a Company, or even compare the serial killer to the unique path sequence of a Priest!

Therefore, certain unique fractions have weighted outcomes, just like when a successful horse is weighted down in future races to give an impression of equality between the runners and riders.

This is the underground scene of mathematics theorem. Enjoy it while the world lasts and the suns shine.

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