We need the code

Source code, is everywhere.

Source code, is what makes the Internet, and your desktop + mobile phone, tick.

If it wasn't for coders, there would be no Internet.

Meet Al - he/she is a coder. Al is androgynous. Al prefers the company of females. But has a small click of male friends too. Al used to be a boxer in school. Al grew up fighting for rights that any human being should have.

Al got diagnosed as schizophrenic - and started to be monitored when Al's father passed away. Al's had mental breakdowns. Sure, it's part of growing up a coder. Any decent coder worth their salt will tell you - "Yeah, I broke down one year too."

Al's story growing up around the machine is all part and parcel of life's tapestry. Al thought Al being in the minority at school that there was a field to break on the machine. That's until Al met all the other coders online - millions of them, and Al started calling the shots with Nodes in a binary Tree and :linked lists:, just recently. Node.js is Al's baby. Don't let it die, folks!

See, Al needs attention from time to time. Just like any other human being. Sure, Al spends most his time on the machine. It's a life of servitude. Or server-too'd.
That's what makes Al, well, special. Al definitely takes mind expanding drugs to help with the creative side of the work. Al's seen fluid light formations on LSD, ffs.

And, well, that's Al for you. Al's full name comes from the Military. Obrzut, A. Yes, even cryptographists son's get work in Communications, these days. 'Obrzut' is Polish, supposedly, for something Al forgets. But, it sure does sound like Os-shit, when pronounced in Poland...

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