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c r m

Sugar Crm

This is the design features we are looking to build for our own c.r.m.

The ability to write and compile then execute high level language scripts using k, the natural language compiler.

K is envisages a year ago to date - first mentioned in a book produced under lulu.com press. hacking knowledge is power.
By Alexander Obrzut.

There is much valuable material on set theory in that book. Set theory being a slender off shoot of mathematics.

We want the ability to populate a html template with data from a cvs file. Such as using files and folders as a to do list, programming tool shed, and results/stat data centre.

We are currently unifying our scripts and getting print outs asap to review where we can modularise the work flow. When our main developers created an abstraction for the site back ends workings/ engine mechanisms we'll start work on the c r m.

In the meantime make sure you register for the newsletter + get free access to your basic c r m package. The crm is in beta, but most the features are working! And we are looking to add new features to the crm soon!

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