The Guide

1. File names are the page title and must be alphanumeric. That means only letters, numbers and spaces. No question marks no full stops or periods allowed.
2. Folders must not be changed for now as this will break your page link. This feature might be enabled in the future for premium members.
3. HTML is allowed but not iframes. Insisting on posting an iframe might get your ip address banned and blocked so users wishing to post a YouTube embed video it is not possible to do so! Don't try!
4. Content that is acceptable are links images videos mp3s. Anything dodgy that would piss my admin team off or offend will result in said page being deleted. Crappy test posts to the front page will also be deleted. Spam is acceptable but don't flood the site as this is a DoS attack and will result in your isp being contacted and your isp blocked.
Adhere to the guide and try not to wake up the shotting.cc webmaster by breaking the front page else feel the wrath of anonymous...