When de government announce that it was building a state of de art sugar factory it didn’t tell people that it was using a cocoa or coffee mill which it woulda modify to grind sugar. Well that is wha dem Chinee people give dem when dem go to buy de new sugar factory. De expert seh that sugar and coffee ain’t too different and all does go and mek tea.In fact, Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, when Guyana go to buy de mill because dem couldn’t talk Chinee dem had to show that dem want something that dem can put in a teapot. De Chinee people believe that dem as talking bout coffee suh dem send a coffee mill.Is when de mill come that Guyana  see de stupidness and send fuh de interpreter who understand and convey de correct message. That is why Skeldon giving so much trouble to this day.Is de same thing wid de specialty hospital. Just like Skeldon de doctors who coming. Dem boys seh that everything that come to Guyana coming wid people who like experiment. Everybody see Guyanese as Guinea Pig.Imagine at de hospital a man woulda go fuh one problem and when he come out he would got de same problem. Dem boys seh that one of de doctors fuh de specialty hospital did cut off a man foot in Guyana. Cutting off de foot is one thing but de problem come because he cut off de wrong foot.Dem boys seh that Guyana is a real Guinea pig. De cable that should help wid e-governance still trying to come; de packaging plant still to wuk; Amaila still to get off de ground; and of course dem got de Marriott.Things suh tight that people only wishing fuh a plane to carry dem somewhere—anywhere. Now dem hearing that de small piece that dem use to get might stop coming which mean that Christmas  gun be tight.And of course dem got to watch de Bees celebrate.Talk half pray hard.

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