My head's bacon!

Three months ago my head is took by a hacker. I have vague hallucinatory memories of the past three months being at war with Russia.

Today marks the first night I am truely awake...what happens from this point on-wards is beyond me.

After speaking to the fam, I learn I have a Tokyo woman in madly deeply love with me. Do I have a girlfriend I ask?

I have written Miki a LETTER - I have yet to read the print-out. I am unsure if I should post the LETTER or READ IT? It might be a mind hack - ala - les Rigeours.

I remember the war - the core - the FBI interview and a global investigation.

Spectre, meltdown, and WannaCry all seems to lead back to me. I deny all charges but what more can I do after the evidence present on shotting.cc?

WE are legion - we do not forgive - we do not forget the Jolly Roger.

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