Rooting Linux is hard. You need to be able to read the RAM, where Linux is residing, to fully understand what the score with Linux really is!

I used to just copy the kernel out of root location, to read in the terminal - full C code for sure.

But for those of us who read in machine code - having access to undecipherable C code meant we're out of luck...until now!

Basically, this hack utilises the WRITE kernel call in Intel Syntax ASM.
If you look up how to perform a simple write to stdout (1) using the WRITE syscall;, you'll be one step closer to exploiting Linux and hacking the RAM!

So, instead of writing a char for out put into the rsp stack reserve, which is where the WRITE function looks for a char to output...copy the contents of a memory location into the rsp. Now, you may be screaming at me right now saying you cannot read outside your own allocated RAM - but this hack is KERNEL mode, meaning FULL RAM ACCESS!

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